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Fertility Functional Treatment thanks to Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Mini-IVF (natural cycles)

There is a belief that assisted reproduction treatments through In Vitro Fecundation (IVF) are 100% effective in every case.

However, only 45-50% of the couples that go through an In Vitro Fecundation assisted reproduction treatment, achieve their goal of conceiving a child.

In Regenera Fertility, The Fertility Clinic of Regenera, we provide couples that wish to become parents a service treatment based in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology and Mini-IVF cycles to achieve:

  • Increase the embryonic quality and therefore, success rate in fertility treatment.
  • Avoid medical processes with great emotional stress and suffering for the couple during months.
  • An assisted reproduction model that avoids secondary effects of hormonal treatments.

Your Fertility problems really matter to us. That is why our solutions are real.

Through Regenera Fertility we want to provide an option with sense to couple like yours.It is possible to reach your goal with much more success and less suffering.

Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, along with the assisted reproduction treatments through natural cycles Mini-IVF can help you fulfill your wish of becoming parents.

Increasing Embryonic Quality

With Less Hormonal Treatment

Reducing Secondary Effects

Is a Reduced Emotional Stress Process


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