A Better Approach For You

Why can't I get pregnant?

If you’ve ever asked yourself this question and haven´t find an answer, then you are in the right place.
It is probable that, when facing trouble to get pregnant, more than once you have been told this things:

“Nothing is wrong with you”

“You have a low ovarian reserve”

“The seminogram is not very promising”

It is also probable that the proposal they have made you it is an assisted reproduction treatment

A better approach for You

In the Regenera Functional Fertility Clinic, we provide fertility solutions from the Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology approach

Reproducción Asistida y Fertilidad Funcional

After a first visit to ur Functional Fertility Clinic, we will help you to find out what’s behind the words “Nothing is wrong with you”. For that:

  • We’ll explore the possible dysfunctions that are stopping you from carrying out a pregnancy

  • We’ll talk with you and ask about your life, your worries and concerns in order to know how you are facing the process of getting pregnant

  • We’ll study with you, your life habits: food, rest, physical activity, work and family situation… And we´ll explain that these are far more important than what they look like when trying to get pregnant

If the problem is a low ovarian reserve and the solution is to perform an assisted reproduction treatment, in our Functional Fertility Clinic:

  • You’ll improve the quality of your oocytes
  • This way, you’ll multiply the chances of getting pregnant
  • The treatment will be carried out in a minimally invasive IVF or Mini IVF treatment

The objective of our Regenera Functional Fertility Clinic is to find the real causes and accurate solutions

And what’s most important: respectful solutions not only to your body, but towards you as a personal and as a couple.

Regenera Fertility - Fertilidad, reproducción asistida y MiniFiv

Mom & Dad

We offer solutions for hetero couples in order to fulfill their dream.

Mum & Mummy

Also for couples of the same sex that desire to have a child.


If you have decided to be a mum by yourself we will also be there for you.


  • How can Clinical PNI help me?

    The sperm quality in the man or the succes in the oocyte maturation in the woman depend in great matter of our way of life. Improper feeding, long working days, stress processes, sedentary lifestyle or toxic consumption such as tobacco or alcohol; heavily reduce the chances of pregnancy from the age of 30.
    Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology will give you the tools and solutions to change your life habits in a decisive way, and this way raise the chances of being parents.

  • Why Clinical PNI?

    The classical health approach tends to see the pathologies in a mechanist and segmented way, addressing only the symptoms, in other words: “patching up” without really understanding the patients.Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology understands the health and sickness as a living and continuous model, where tags cronofy people, and where deep knowledge of  physiology open a wide spectrum of tools, that will increase the success rate on the treatment of our patients.

  • What are the Mini-IVF Natural Cycles?

    A Mini-IVF of an IVF in natural cycle is an In Vitro Fertilization that respects the body and the female hormonal system, giving that it uses the ovulation natural cycle of the woman.

  • Are hormones use in Mini-IVF?

    This is one of the first questions that come up when this method is proposed to a patient. Depending on the conditions of each patient, hormones are used in a minimum doses and minimum times, only with the goal of gaining control over the follicle that has already selected the body, respecting the natural ovulation cycle.


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