Why can't I get pregnant?

Why can't I get pregnant?

And then, the time comes that we finally decide to become mothers. With all the knowledge learned along the way it is only logical to think that as soon as we leave contraceptives
methods away we will get pregnant. But we don´t: one month goes by, and another, and another one. And the pregnancy doesn’t happen.

It makes sense that we wonder why. That we asked ourselves if we, or our couples, have some kind of malformation, any disease that is stopping us from getting pregnant. And that we start living the sexual relations, our moments of intimacy, with tension.

First thing you have to know, in order to avoid that “guilt anxiety” where you blame yourself, or your couple that pregnancy is not happening, is that fertility rates in the human species is one of the lowers in the animal kingdom.

Each month, in the ideal conditions, a young couple, fertile and healthy that has sexual intercourse has, as much, a 25% chance of getting pregnant.

That is the reason why gynecologists, when facing the questions, “why can’t I get pregnant?” recommend not to start fertility treatments or assisted reproduction before a year has passed without using contraceptive methods.

The problem with that recommendation is that, after one year of frustrations, the couple reaches de specialists in a chronic stress state that decreases deeply  the chances of gestation. This is known as “central awareness” which is often the most important cause that fecundation doesn’t happen.

In that sense, it is interesting for you to know that, in most cases, the problems you may have and that are affecting fecundation are reversible. Whether they are due to female factors, such as oocytes maturation, or due to male factors, such as, sperm volume, mobility or quantity, there are treatments that can correct them to avoid to have to submit you in an assisted reproduction treatment or, in the case that is needed, to increase the success rate in them.

Fertilidad Funcional y Reproducción Asistida

‘We don't know’

Whether in the oocyte maturation process or in the sperm maturation, there are many dysfunctions that are often not completed. That is why you get the answer “We don’t know” to the question why can’t I get pregnant.

All those factors are influenced by our lifestyle. Our habits affects severaly our fertility. Feeding, physical exercise, the rhythm of life, the work, the rest, the quality of the sexual relations and the mood of the couple… all this counts.

Regenera Fertility - Fertilidad, reproducción asistida y MiniFiv

An unhealthy feeding, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, lack of rest during the night, work, family and emotional stress … All this leaves a scar in our body, and that scar affects our fertility.



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