There is Nothing Wrong with You

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I can't get pregnant but they tell me there is nothing wrong with me

“There is nothing wrong with you. Everything is fine. We don’t know why you can’t get pregnant”. It is funny that a message that should be, in a first place, relaxing (“We don’t have anything wrong, we are not sick”), in practice could be so unsettling. Because, if they have found anything that justifies our infertility, will there be any way we can have a child? Then why can’t I get pregnant?

The first answer that you will normally get is that you should be in the hands of technology, and to consider the idea of submitting to an assisted reproduction treatment.

That is an option, but we offer you another one: It is quite possible that the “there is nothing wrong with you” it is actually a “We haven’t found anything”. That doesn’t mean any dysfunction could exist that it is delaying or stopping your pregnancy.

Insufficient oocyte maturation

It is one of the problems we find more frequently when a woman tells us “I can’t get pregnant”. An insufficient maturation of the oocyte could be due to many reasons, which, in most cases, are completely treatable. This could be one of the main reasons:



Pre-clinic dysfunctions of the thyroid:

It is pretty common that thyroid dysfunctions exists which are not considered important medically, but they are, in the oocyte maturation.

It is frequent that what is stopping the gestation is some kind of thyroid dysfunction. It’s possible that, without showing any symptom, you have a preclinic thyroid disorder, that affects the strength and vitality of the oocyte, what produces a more complex fecundation.


Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (POS):

The POS also could be the reason of an oocyte maturation problem. If you have it, you probably have been warned that you may have fertility problems, since this syndrome has the characteristic of cause a hormonal alteration – with a substantial increase of testosterone levels and other male hormones – that reduce ovulations. It is necessary that this is known so it can be modified.


Leptin resistance:

Sometimes, the failure can be found when there is a resistance to letine; this produces lower production of the Gonadotropin-releasing hormone, which reduces the peak of the luteinizing hormone, the main hormone involved in the moment of ovulation. The outcome is more difficult for the ovulation process.

It is quite interesting, that, before the question “Why can’t I get pregnant?” and the answer “There is nothing wrong with you” you may try to find out if there is really some dysorder o which is making your pregnancy not happen.


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