Mini IVF, Natural Cycles or MiniFIV


Why a mini In Vitro Fecundation, MIni IVF or Mini IVF?

There are three essential aspects that are critical between the success or failure line in any fertility treatment:


It is the previous health state, both of the mother or the father. As better as the health is, better will be the maturation of the oocyte and the sperms and, therefore, the chances of achieving fecundation will be multiplied. To reach your optimization state is not that difficult: three months of work with our therapists will place you in the first exit line.



The second aspect that will condition the success of the treatment is the idea that we should not force nature, but help it. The more we force it, the more risks, the more mistakes, the more stress. That is why we work with Natural Cycle In Vitro Fecundation treatments,  minimally aggressive, thanks to which better quality embryos are obtained.

It makes perfect sense: In regular In Vitro Fecundation, a massive stimulation of the ovary is done to force the growth of ten to twelve oocytes, that, logically, will have unequal quality. On the other hand, with a natural cycle and minimal stimulation, it is the body that chooses the oocyte, it is nature itself that decides the oocyte that has to mature. This concept is one of the keys to have an optimal quality and, consequently, the chances of fertilization are greater.

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It is also heavily important how you feel: with a treatment based in the natural cycle and a minimum hormonal stimulation, you will suffer much less stress. You won’t be on an emotional rollercoaster, you won’t feel as a guinea pig and you will be able to to live through the experience on a more pleasant way. The tensions on the couple will be reduced and this experience, more relaxed, will also increase the odds of getting pregnant.

Conjugate all These Aspects

Therefore, it is a question of combining all these aspects: an optimal state of health of both the father and the mother (which will facilitate better oocyte and sperm maturation); a minimally aggressive hormonal treatment in which we cooperate with Nature to multiply the chances of getting an embryo of the best quality, and a process in which respect for your feelings and emotions also plays in your favor.

From the first moment we will welcome you understanding the reality of your partner as such, as well as that of each of its members. If we want to help you, it is essential to understand the route you have taken to get here.


We compromise to listen to you, accompany you and give you all the explanations you need.

We adapt to your time and your needs so that something as beautiful as a pregnancy is not
a mechanical or stressful act, but something
exciting and beautiful.

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