Health Programming

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What is health programming?

Having a child is not just a dream, a joy or a desire; It is also a wonderful responsibility. And that responsibility starts from before pregnancy, because your state of health prior to conception will be key both to achieve fertilization and to favor the development of pregnancy.

But there is another very important aspect that you may not know: that state of health will also have a fundamental impact on your baby, because the programming of the health of future children takes place before pregnancy.

Precisely because of this, Regenera Fertility’s philosophy has a clear starting point:

To ensure that both the mother and the father are in the optimal conditions so that there is a good implantation and a happy pregnancy, but also so that a baby overflowing with health is born.

And we can achieve this in three months:

Three months in which we will work hand in hand to correct these alterations and imbalances that are not only making it difficult for implantation to be achieved, but that can condition the development of pregnancy and compromise the future health of your child. It is about programming health, choosing to invest in the health of your future child from the zero minute, from before fertilization.

Reproducción Asistida, MiniFiv y Fertilidad Funcional

A Healthy Mom

In the case of the mother, we must remember that pregnancy involves a state of physiological inflammation. It is normal: during pregnancy, your body swells naturally to adapt to the necessary changes in pregnancy.

What happens if you already have a basic inflammation before you get pregnant?

  • All the machinery of transport of nutrients through the placenta will be altered and, consequently, there will be more risk of alterations (such as gestational diabetes or preeclampsia).
  • That means that the baby is also more likely to be born, either with low weight (CIR), or with excessive weight (macrosomia).
  • These changes in birth weight can have a great impact on future health, with an increased risk of metabolic and endocrine diseases.

In Regenera Fertility we will accompany you for three months to ensure that you are in the best possible state of health before becoming pregnant. We will help you eliminate that low-grade inflammation that may be boycotting the goal of being a mother.

Another point that we are interested in is dealing with the state of your microbiota. You probably already know that the bacteria that inhabit your intestine play an extremely important role in your state of health. But you may not know that an alteration of this microbiota, a dysbiosis, can lead to implantation problems and spontaneous abortions.

With us you can solve these changes in your microbiota and achieve success in pregnancy.

Reproducción Asistida, MiniFiv y Fertilidad Funcional

And Also, a Healthy Dad

Traditionally it tends to let the full weight of the success of a pregnancy fall on women. But at Regenera Fertility we know that the father’s state of health prior to conception is equally important.

That is why we identify those factors that may be failing in man and that alter his sperm counts. And we know that, in three months, by changing lifestyle patterns, those values ​​can be optimized.

Research continues to corroborate this crucial role of man. Today, for example, it is known that the state of the father’s microbiota can also affect the future embryo, to the point that an alteration in man (metabolic syndrome, obesity …) will favor that, as an adult, his future baby have a greater predisposition to suffer these disorders as well.


The programming of your future baby’s health depends on your state of health before conception. It’s in your hands.