Answers and Resolution to your Fertility Problems

Study and treatment of couples with fertility problems

The Regenera Fertility clinical team will analyze and improve the couple’s hormonal health in order to achieve pregnancy by natural methods or, if that is not possible, prepare the couple for assisted reproduction treatment in a few optimal conditions.

  • Firt Appointment

It is necessary that both members of the couple come to all visits whenever possible. The first visit will last 90 minutes and we recommend that it be by videoconference. The objective will be to find what your fertility problems are and the solution to them. In cases where a natural pregnancy is not possible, the couple will be prepared so that they can face in optimal conditions any assisted reproduction treatment, either with Regenera Fertility providers or in any other Clinic that the couple already has planned.

  • Assited Reproduction Treatments

En Regenera Fertility encontrarás todos los tratamientos de Reproducción Asistida disponibles en los centros colaboradores.

  • Price
    Personalized Budget

First visit (90 minutes): € 120
Subsequent visits (60 minutes): € 80

Includes treatment to improve hormonal health from 3 to 9 menstrual cycles, depending on the age and characteristics of the couple, based on Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology. The decision of the duration of this first phase will be made by the couple together with the Regenera Fertility professional. The objective will be to improve hormonal health, which will allow natural pregnancy in some cases, or to increase the probability of success of the subsequent Mini IVF or other assisted reproduction treatments, as well as to improve embryo quality and good health programming of your future baby.

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