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    We offer you the necessary visits by videoconference to start solving your questions about your fertility.
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    Functional treatment of fertility thanks to clinical psychoneuroimmunology and personalized advice in case of needing assisted reproduction.
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Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology gives you the fertility answers

The deep knowledge of the physiology and the mechanisms of action that affect fertility, allow us to understand your body and consider the most convenient treatment and advise you in a personalized way in case you need assisted reproduction.

Reproducci贸n Asistida, MiniFiv y Fertilidad Funcional

About Regenera Fertility - Clinic

  • Meaningful Choice

    We are pioneers in addressing fertility problems from a biological and psychosocial approach, taking into account the medical and environmental factors that are preventing you from fulfilling the dream of being parents.

  • Specialist Team

    We are professionals in Fertility and specialists in Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, which allows us to detect dysfunctions that may be affecting your fertility.

  • Step by step by your side

    We put all our knowledge at your service to help you improve your fertility problems and advise you at all times.

This is how we work:

Book your 1st Appointment:

Get clarity and personalized advice from the first session.

We will identify your problems:

We will identify what your fertility problems are due to and help you understand them.

We will be part of the Solution:

Guiding you from the first moment in the treatment with tools of Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.

We will advise you:

We will help you know if you need an assisted reproduction treatment and we will advise you to choose which one is the most suitable for you, in case it is convenient.

The fact that the reasons which are stopping you from having a child are not diagnosable, doesn't mean that your fertility isn not being affected by a dysfunction.

Let us give you two examples:


Insufficiency of oocyte maturation is something common among couples with fertility problems. However, even though it is not something medically diagnosable. it is treatable through Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.


In many cases, there are dysfunctions related with biological age and not with the couples chronological age. Currently, tests to identify such dysfunctions don麓t exist, but they do are treatable through Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology.


We want to help you understand your fertility problems so that you can choose the best method for you and guide you throughout the process.

Fertility current approach it is held over an assisted reproduction system based on numbers and with a lack of empathy effective solutions

You will have an expert team and Fertility specialist who will know your case thoroughly and who can recommend the best treatment for you. In this way, whatever your option, you will get:

Less Emotional Suffering

To suffer the least possible wear for both you and your partner.

Less Emotional Suffering

Because the previous work we will do together will have helped you choose the best fertility option.

Less Emotional Suffering

Because changing habits and treatment through Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology will increase your chances of conceiving a child.

The Regenera Fertility Approach - Natural Cycles - IVF

A fundamental role in the new fertility paradigm that will guide you every step of the way towards your dream of having a child.

Diagnostic Methodology and Treatment of Psychoneuroimmunology

It allows us to understand the mechanisms of action involved in hormonal disorders of the couple and treat fertility problems with more success and less suffering, achieving better results in assisted reproduction treatments.

Over 15 years of Experience

Training health professionals nationally and internationally and treating patients through Clinical Psychoneuroimmunology, understanding and addressing the medical and psychosocial mechanisms of action that make them sick.

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